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Hi Reddit! I’m Jef.

I’ve been a designer for many years and want to share the ways I help clients. Some of the design is 10+ years old, so I’d rather talk about what I’d learned or contributed in those instances, and show more recent work. This is really a case study of my history as a designer and hope I can walk you through it in detail for the full effect of wittiness and sarcasm.

 Top stats

  • Strategic designer with development experience
  • Consumer-izer of complex interaction
  • Unifier of disparate worlds
  • Strong cowlicks

This page is meant as a conversation. If you want the quick no-context version, go to the work.


  • Transactional user flows
  • Making the complex simple for a consumer audience

Arc World Wide

  • Animation 
  • Systematic thinking
  • Working with developers
  • Deliver software in a production environment


  • Building all aspects of a website 
  • Animation and production
  • Self-sufficiency
  • Tact

Stat Hat

  • Enduring identity
  • Content & communication strategy
  • POV

Chicago Department of Public Health

  • Content wrangling
  • Site design & build
  • Product photography
  • Illustration (icon badges)
  • Animation (GIFs)

Anese Cavanaugh

  • Product design
  • Brand
  • Digital & print
  • Content & strategy

Nucleus Biologics

  • Identity & brand
  • Website
  • Photography

Lo·Rez Brewing

  • Identity & brand
  • Website
  • Labels & naming system
  • Tap handle
  • Photography
  • Collateral

Northern Trust: Front Office Solutions
(password protected)

  • Brand
  • Communication
  • Product design lead
  • Creating & leading design group
  • Branched DDS
  • Research & shareout
  • Promote design competency & capability
  • UI / UX / visualization / build strategy